July: Thoughts of Giving…

“Give in!, give in!”

Echoing throughout my skull,

feeling null and dull,

Like a samurai’s blade that’s been deemed useless,

as good as finished.

As sharp as a sponge and capable of cutting nothing.

I feel like a samurai who has reached the end of his road.

His days are reaching their final moments and it may be time to rest.

He fought hard, He gave it all he got, but in the end he failed.

The enemy was too powerful and now he stands with disgrace.

No honour, no nothing.

I feel like I’m sitting under a giant sakura tree with it’s petals flying everywhere.

Only moments away from being completely enveloped in petals under the harsh moonlight,

A sorrow filled moon that has tasted defeat and is now crying it’s final tear.

Feeling like 10k on the Kelvin scale,

bluer than those Jordan shoes.

I thought about giving in,

I thought about finishing, this is it.

but the winds just seemed to lift the petals off the ground.

Is falling the only purpose of those petals?

I wondered as I sat there.

fully defeated, yet life still has a strong grasp on me.

I was hit with vital wounds, yet my vitality level stays thriving.

It seems I can’t give up yet, I can’t give in now.

Purpose is knocking at my door and I’m scared to answer.