June: Passion In My Weakness, Slowly Realizing…

The corners of my room are closing in on me.

Every night is suffocating in this cave I call home.

My room is a beast that feeds on my energy.

The walls have eyes that bulge out of them and they stare at me every night.

They now have mouths and they laugh at me every day.

I hop off my concrete sleeping mat in hopes that today’ll be different,

I leave with a spring in my step hoping that today will be the day I’m free from this dream.

Later that day I come home and have this hope ripped out of my chest and stomped on.

I feel the laser points of their snipers pointing at me in every direction.

Their fingers are fully loaded and they’re laughing at me.

Laughing at my feeble attempts to be free.

I can’t do it.

This is when I realize that there is no hope.

I can’t do this alone, but I am alone, so there is no hope.

This is why I’m always shivering in the summer.

Always wearing coats because the summer is so cold.

People don’t know they just assume you’re ok,

or maybe they assume you’re not.

Either way this weight is a lot and it’s pressing on my chest,

I take deep breaths to try and forget what’s next.

Slowly realizing that I am hopeless.





New Music: That’s a Kawal! – Jamal Lee

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, etc!



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