Is School The Only Way?

All I hear is school this and school that.

School is great, but does school help me make this rap?

Not really, I’m just kidding.

See school can help you do what you wanna do,

but do you need school?


School is an addition, a choice, a gift (If you want it).

School isn’t something that’ll make or break your life.

Of course if what you want to do with your life requires school then you do school,

But not everyone needs school.

I always hear people talking down on those who don’t go to school,

I also always hear people who are in school complaining about it and hating the experience.

How can you get at someone for enjoying their life while you’re miserable trying to make money.

Sometimes more money really does equal to more problems

and if you got problems money don’t always solve em.

Money is great, but it isn’t worth your life.

Life itself is precious and if your life is chained and shackled to school, then it’s time to rethink your life.

Because at the end of the day life is a book with many pages,

A journey that is far more vast than the mind can comprehend, so why limit it to just school and money?

Not Knocking school or anyone who goes to it,

I’m just saying that school isn’t who you are and it’s not all there is to life.

You don’t need school to be successful and happy.





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