Nobody Goes On Walks Anymore

What happened to the days when we could just run away,

Play a game outside and turn outside into space,

What happened to the creativity of the brain?

dancing in the rain because it was hard to refrain,

Where do these things remain?

Only the insane go on walks these days.

“If it doesn’t cost money then I’m not going”

“Wanna go eat here?”

“let’s go to the movies”

“let’s go shopping at the mall”

“I’m not going here because I have no money”

Where’s the value in just hanging out and thinking in silence together,

Together ain’t together unless there’s a money tether, or something “better”.

Simple just don’t cut it, why go on a walk in the sunset when you can pay to sit down and do nothing.

Paying money is the funnest.

Social media be the farthest we go,

we see trees and nature and say I wanna go.

We walk outside and ignore trees and nature,

We stay glued to our phones.

Social media is the farthest we go.

Nowadays we rather watch a video of people riding bikes together,

rather than riding bikes together.

We rather watch a million “DIY” videos than doing those things ourself.

“wow so artsy”

“so creative”

“I wish I can do that”

Funny thing is, you can do that,

you can do more if you really tried,

you can reach the skies and pass it, no surprise,

surpass all of the lies, just try.

Social media be the furthest we go,

if not then it’s a tv show.

“Reality” tv is life, if not the Netflix is life.

“Hey Jamal chill, go watch some Netflix”

That’s what they telling me, a new episode just came out,

Forget being creative, just hibernate and binge watch.

There’s always tomorrow to do that.

Days gone by wasted on looking at things we could buy,

things we “wish” we could do.

Black and blue when I think about this because I to,

behave the same.

I mean I try to escape this place but I can’t

and I end up lost in time wondering why it’s like this.

“300 plus years of them cold shoulders

Yet 300 million of us still got no focus”

That’s what Joey said and it’s mind boggling, I don’t get.

It’s pathetic.

We’re so ahead and in the future, yet so behind.

We’re so satisfied with the life we have,

with this life that’s fed in front of us like we’re some prisoners

receiving food from a hole and that food is the only thing we can eat.




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