July: Motivated When Tired, Just Go To Sleep!

Just Go To Sleep!

“It’s all in your mind”

“you control your actions”

“Just do it!”

“It’s not that hard”

“Keep pushing”

“Never give up”

“Just Go To Sleep”

“Just let go of being afraid”

“Your Situation is only a game”

“Stop playing.”

“You’re being fake”

“You’re lazy and making excuses”

“You’re useless”

“You should just stay in your room and never leave”

“You should just leave home because you’re not wanted”

“You’re just a burden to those around you”

“Leave and let your family breathe”

“Leave and you’ll see how easy life will be….. for them”

“Sleep is the main issue”

“Sleeping is not hard, just turn off your electronics”

“It’s your fault”

“You don’t have insomnia”.

“I don’t think I have insomnia”

“Definitely not”

“I just need to sleep and I’ll be alright”

“I’ll just put my phone down and go to bed without it”

“I wonder when I’ll fall asleep”

“The flicker of light behind my eye lids keep me interested”

“I wonder how that works”

“Don’t open your eyes or else it’ll reset and it’ll take longer to fall asleep”

“If I just keep my eyes closed I’ll fall asleep”

“My chest hearts, anxiety?”

“Am I hungry? Should I get a snack?”

“Maybe I need some water”

“Nah I’ll just keep my eyes closed, hopefully I’ll fall asleep”

3:00 AM

After 2 hours of rolling around in bed with no phone, no lights,

I decide to get up and get some water.

I guess it’s just one of those nights.








New Music: That’s a Kawal! – Jamal Lee

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, etc!




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