Love Letter.

Ever since we first became friends at the beginning of the summer of 2016 I really felt like you were someone who I could just exist with. We didn’t have to talk or do anything, just existing near each other or in the same room was enough. Before we became friends at all I was subtly attracted to your existance and felt the desire to always talk to you and see what was going on inside your mind. We existed as friends and soon we’ll exist as husband and wife. I’m thankful for meeting you and every second spent with you and every second we’ll get to spend together just existing. You’re truly the perfect person for me, we’re able to just bounce thoughts off of each other so freely and effortlessly. Let’s continue to do so as we grow Gabriella Kelly (Lee in the near future). Let’s follow God with all of our hearts and truly become one under the son, representing the love that Christ has for his church.

I love you Gabriella.

– Jamal Lee








New Music: That’s a Kawal! – Jamal Lee

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, etc!


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