July: I Tried…

Google google,

Give me the answers, give me the remedies, the recipes,

reciprocity, I give you cookies and info and you feed me,

feed my needs that bleed from the deepest parts of me,

Google google, you exceed my being,

you fill us with the information we need,

Google google, answer me!

I tried what you said to do, I did what you suggested,

I do feel kinda sick and maybe a little congested,

My heart still feel arrested, never resting and birds of fear are nesting,

Google google, you keep projecting, intercepting and stretching,

giving me a new suggestion every second,

My heart beat is raising and I feel like ejecting,

Google you be giving me a message.

Am I overreacting, should I just sleep?

Is this senseless worry?

Am I ok or should I stay and wait,

should I keep searching for answers on why I’m awake,

why I pain, why my brain is always active when it’s not day?

You feed me so much that I might explode,

As soon as I was ready to sleep, based on google,

I found out I had every sickness known to man,

Paranoid with the shakiness of my hand,

I throw my phone down and close my eyes,

here we go again.

I tried.

New Music: That’s a Kawal! – Jamal Lee

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, etc!



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