August: Dreams Started Somewhere, Do You Dream?

Do you see beyond the tv screen?

beyond the illusion of being big.

Dollar bills hanging off money trees down the city streets,

Our minds filled with this simplicity.

Over complicated hypnosis, we desire what’s hip,

what’s in and we know it, but don’t know it,

overdosing in the hopeless dreams of cheddar overflowing.

The higher ups are playing mouse trap,

while we decorate our house traps,

Customize our prison cells and call it freedom.

Living as high as the ceiling, thriving off of a fleeting feeling.

Do you dream or do you say you dream?

Are you you or a clone of who they want you to be?

Can a viewer be the screen as much as the screen is the viewer?

It’s like all of society is stuck within their cell phones.

We’re bound to the insides of devices,

Just like the many chips, wires, and batteries behind iPhone screens,

we can’t get out.

We reminisce on the days when we could just buy new replacement batteries and pop them in.

Those days are gone as we hop on every new wave that flops on in.

Just like that Dreams are turned into robots trying to imitate human beings,

mass produced like jelly beans in candy factories,

pumped into jars by heavy machines and sold in stores by crocket thieves.

Do you me or do me you?

we do who true conceive to be.

To late we snooze and stay slaves to sleep,

pacing up and down a place that use to be.


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