ビジュアル Experience 1 – (Prod.by B.Young)



A video composed of random clips that I took during walks I went on. I usually record small video clips when I’m out taking pictures of what ever is in front of me. Enjoy :). Beat produced by B.Young, check him out!


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August: Dreams Started Somewhere, Do You Dream?

Do you see beyond the tv screen?

beyond the illusion of being big.

Dollar bills hanging off money trees down the city streets,

Our minds filled with this simplicity.

Over complicated hypnosis, we desire what’s hip,

what’s in and we know it, but don’t know it,

overdosing in the hopeless dreams of cheddar overflowing.

The higher ups are playing mouse trap,

while we decorate our house traps,

Customize our prison cells and call it freedom.

Living as high as the ceiling, thriving off of a fleeting feeling.

Do you dream or do you say you dream?

Are you you or a clone of who they want you to be?

Can a viewer be the screen as much as the screen is the viewer?

It’s like all of society is stuck within their cell phones.

We’re bound to the insides of devices,

Just like the many chips, wires, and batteries behind iPhone screens,

we can’t get out.

We reminisce on the days when we could just buy new replacement batteries and pop them in.

Those days are gone as we hop on every new wave that flops on in.

Just like that Dreams are turned into robots trying to imitate human beings,

mass produced like jelly beans in candy factories,

pumped into jars by heavy machines and sold in stores by crocket thieves.

Do you me or do me you?

we do who true conceive to be.

To late we snooze and stay slaves to sleep,

pacing up and down a place that use to be.

July: Slowly Swimming

First comes crying, then sitting, then crawling.

Next comes, walking, talking, whining, and running.

In my case first comes floating.

Drifting away in a desolate ocean, flowing astray from the world’s gates,

floating away from home.

Alienated with a hole where my whole was.

Next comes doggy paddling,

Completely drained of all energy,

yet still able to make tiny strides of effort.

Attempts to push against the current that keeps me in my current.

Soon after I learn how to maneuver under water.

Feel like a sea otter as I push through this deep water,

although I can only see water, I’m moving forward.

In which direction?

I don’t know..

All I know is that I’m slowly swimming.

July: I Tried…

Google google,

Give me the answers, give me the remedies, the recipes,

reciprocity, I give you cookies and info and you feed me,

feed my needs that bleed from the deepest parts of me,

Google google, you exceed my being,

you fill us with the information we need,

Google google, answer me!

I tried what you said to do, I did what you suggested,

I do feel kinda sick and maybe a little congested,

My heart still feel arrested, never resting and birds of fear are nesting,

Google google, you keep projecting, intercepting and stretching,

giving me a new suggestion every second,

My heart beat is raising and I feel like ejecting,

Google you be giving me a message.

Am I overreacting, should I just sleep?

Is this senseless worry?

Am I ok or should I stay and wait,

should I keep searching for answers on why I’m awake,

why I pain, why my brain is always active when it’s not day?

You feed me so much that I might explode,

As soon as I was ready to sleep, based on google,

I found out I had every sickness known to man,

Paranoid with the shakiness of my hand,

I throw my phone down and close my eyes,

here we go again.

I tried.

New Music: That’s a Kawal! – Jamal Lee

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, etc!


July: Motivated When Tired, Just Go To Sleep!

Just Go To Sleep!

“It’s all in your mind”

“you control your actions”

“Just do it!”

“It’s not that hard”

“Keep pushing”

“Never give up”

“Just Go To Sleep”

“Just let go of being afraid”

“Your Situation is only a game”

“Stop playing.”

“You’re being fake”

“You’re lazy and making excuses”

“You’re useless”

“You should just stay in your room and never leave”

“You should just leave home because you’re not wanted”

“You’re just a burden to those around you”

“Leave and let your family breathe”

“Leave and you’ll see how easy life will be….. for them”

“Sleep is the main issue”

“Sleeping is not hard, just turn off your electronics”

“It’s your fault”

“You don’t have insomnia”.

“I don’t think I have insomnia”

“Definitely not”

“I just need to sleep and I’ll be alright”

“I’ll just put my phone down and go to bed without it”

“I wonder when I’ll fall asleep”

“The flicker of light behind my eye lids keep me interested”

“I wonder how that works”

“Don’t open your eyes or else it’ll reset and it’ll take longer to fall asleep”

“If I just keep my eyes closed I’ll fall asleep”

“My chest hearts, anxiety?”

“Am I hungry? Should I get a snack?”

“Maybe I need some water”

“Nah I’ll just keep my eyes closed, hopefully I’ll fall asleep”

3:00 AM

After 2 hours of rolling around in bed with no phone, no lights,

I decide to get up and get some water.

I guess it’s just one of those nights.








New Music: That’s a Kawal! – Jamal Lee

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, etc!



That’s a Kawal! – Jamal Lee

That’s a kawal! – Jamal Lee (Prod. by Norledges)

That’s a Kawal! – Jamal Lee

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, etc!


Lyrics: https://genius.com/Jamal-lee-thats-a-kawal-annotated

When I first started writing to this beat it was purely for fun. I just wanted to write a verse that sounded like your typical rap flow that you’d hear now days, but after writing and rapping it I started to have fun and enjoy myself so I continued writing. This song is mainly a joke and isn’t that serious, but it does feature some topics that I do think are real issues with music today (the rap genre to be more specific).



July: Thoughts of Giving…

“Give in!, give in!”

Echoing throughout my skull,

feeling null and dull,

Like a samurai’s blade that’s been deemed useless,

as good as finished.

As sharp as a sponge and capable of cutting nothing.

I feel like a samurai who has reached the end of his road.

His days are reaching their final moments and it may be time to rest.

He fought hard, He gave it all he got, but in the end he failed.

The enemy was too powerful and now he stands with disgrace.

No honour, no nothing.

I feel like I’m sitting under a giant sakura tree with it’s petals flying everywhere.

Only moments away from being completely enveloped in petals under the harsh moonlight,

A sorrow filled moon that has tasted defeat and is now crying it’s final tear.

Feeling like 10k on the Kelvin scale,

bluer than those Jordan shoes.

I thought about giving in,

I thought about finishing, this is it.

but the winds just seemed to lift the petals off the ground.

Is falling the only purpose of those petals?

I wondered as I sat there.

fully defeated, yet life still has a strong grasp on me.

I was hit with vital wounds, yet my vitality level stays thriving.

It seems I can’t give up yet, I can’t give in now.

Purpose is knocking at my door and I’m scared to answer.