Nobody Goes On Walks Anymore

What happened to the days when we could just run away,

Play a game outside and turn outside into space,

What happened to the creativity of the brain?

dancing in the rain because it was hard to refrain,

Where do these things remain?

Only the insane go on walks these days.

“If it doesn’t cost money then I’m not going”

“Wanna go eat here?”

“let’s go to the movies”

“let’s go shopping at the mall”

“I’m not going here because I have no money”

Where’s the value in just hanging out and thinking in silence together,

Together ain’t together unless there’s a money tether, or something “better”.

Simple just don’t cut it, why go on a walk in the sunset when you can pay to sit down and do nothing.

Paying money is the funnest.

Social media be the farthest we go,

we see trees and nature and say I wanna go.

We walk outside and ignore trees and nature,

We stay glued to our phones.

Social media is the farthest we go.

Nowadays we rather watch a video of people riding bikes together,

rather than riding bikes together.

We rather watch a million “DIY” videos than doing those things ourself.

“wow so artsy”

“so creative”

“I wish I can do that”

Funny thing is, you can do that,

you can do more if you really tried,

you can reach the skies and pass it, no surprise,

surpass all of the lies, just try.

Social media be the furthest we go,

if not then it’s a tv show.

“Reality” tv is life, if not the Netflix is life.

“Hey Jamal chill, go watch some Netflix”

That’s what they telling me, a new episode just came out,

Forget being creative, just hibernate and binge watch.

There’s always tomorrow to do that.

Days gone by wasted on looking at things we could buy,

things we “wish” we could do.

Black and blue when I think about this because I to,

behave the same.

I mean I try to escape this place but I can’t

and I end up lost in time wondering why it’s like this.

“300 plus years of them cold shoulders

Yet 300 million of us still got no focus”

That’s what Joey said and it’s mind boggling, I don’t get.

It’s pathetic.

We’re so ahead and in the future, yet so behind.

We’re so satisfied with the life we have,

with this life that’s fed in front of us like we’re some prisoners

receiving food from a hole and that food is the only thing we can eat.




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Is School The Only Way?

All I hear is school this and school that.

School is great, but does school help me make this rap?

Not really, I’m just kidding.

See school can help you do what you wanna do,

but do you need school?


School is an addition, a choice, a gift (If you want it).

School isn’t something that’ll make or break your life.

Of course if what you want to do with your life requires school then you do school,

But not everyone needs school.

I always hear people talking down on those who don’t go to school,

I also always hear people who are in school complaining about it and hating the experience.

How can you get at someone for enjoying their life while you’re miserable trying to make money.

Sometimes more money really does equal to more problems

and if you got problems money don’t always solve em.

Money is great, but it isn’t worth your life.

Life itself is precious and if your life is chained and shackled to school, then it’s time to rethink your life.

Because at the end of the day life is a book with many pages,

A journey that is far more vast than the mind can comprehend, so why limit it to just school and money?

Not Knocking school or anyone who goes to it,

I’m just saying that school isn’t who you are and it’s not all there is to life.

You don’t need school to be successful and happy.





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June: Tired Of…

Tired Of…




Time passes by and my eyes are opened wide,

stuck in the sunken place as the sun begins to rise.

So tired yet I can’t seem to fall asleep.

I thought maybe I was having a lucid dream,

but I was wrong, I was caught in a loop of a never ending dream.

A dream that flows along a never ending stream that is time,

a dream that never depletes, only repeats and defeats my withered heart.

Again and again, I find myself stuck at the same part.

As the clocks tick and seconds pass by I wonder why,

I make efforts and try to escape, but the sunken place is a ferocious cave,

a place with no days, no nights, just time in it’s prime.

I lay down on what feels like concrete and close my eyes

but, It’s no surprise that with this attempt I still see.

My eyes are open again and my heart starts beating and there’s a switch in my breathing,

and here it goes again.

Scared of the end,

I feel like it’s seeping through the creeks of my non-sleeping season.

Wonder if I can beat it…

I sit up defeated,

Feeling so tired of…

seeing the same dream that haunts my brain,

the same dream that is a never ending drain,

a drain where all the contents of my existence go down.

I’m just tired and I want to sleep,

when will this eternal insomniac adventure finish?






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June: Passion In My Weakness, Memories Of…

Memories of…

Flickers of light that fade away when I reach out to touch them.

I hear echoes of past memories behind each door,

but when I open each door I find an empty room filled with silence.

I can almost recall and then as soon as I open my mouth, it’s gone.

I’m tired and frustrated, I hate it.

It’s like my eyes open and see something so vivid and then shortly after, this “something” vanishes like a mirage you see in the desert when dehydrated for a few hours.

Questions occur and I know the right answer I just can’t recur,

to some this is “light”, nothing, soft, or easy, but for me it’s like I left my mind in the freezer,

my feet hurt, I think I’ve lost track of where I’m running.

Someone just put a cloth over the sun and now it’s dark outside,

I live in Toronto though,

so it’s not really dark, but it seems like darkness loves to loom around my heart.

Picture a framed page with strokes of paint across it’s face,

Strokes of pain stained, strokes of pure expression,

yet when you see it you’ll be guessing.

It’s so obvious, but you just don’t get it.

The art that this artist worked so hard on is thrown in the trash due to misunderstanding and lack of communication.

No matter how hard he tries to express how he feels, no one an decipher his work.

That framed page with strokes of paint across it’s face,

with strokes of pain that stained, and strokes of pure expression, all fade away and the artist is left feeling pathetic.

This is how I feel when i can’t remember the key aspects of things when I’m explaining something.

I feel like my mind became a hammer and smashed through the glass window that is my face and left it shattered in emptiness.

This is stupid.







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Not Allowed To Feel

This Video is a series of poems I wrote put together in conjoint visual and audio expression. Below the video link is the actual poems written out, so you can read them if interested.

Not Allowed To Feel:

Men feel too. Young boys grow up thinking they aren’t allowed to feel emotional and they suppress the vulnerable side of themselves thinking that’ll make them more “manly”. Men are often taught that having emotions makes them soft and that they can’t be emotional or feel pain, but it’s time we break this mould created by society and change the way people view this topic. My video features some personal vulnerability that will, hopefully, show people that men feel too and that it’s ok to experience emotions. We should all embrace our emotions, for they are part of what make us who we are.


Video Link:


             1. Each strand  

It feels foolish to even think like this.

Young men told that it’s their emotions that they should dismiss,

If you a real man you shouldn’t let emotions persist,

If you even let a little slip you’ll be drowned in the abyss of the wimpiest.

Before I knew it, was hiding the way I felt,

I was lying to myself and saying how I feel doesn’t matter.

My emotions bottled up inside were left to dry and these tears that I would never cry, left to die.

Convinced that it was invalid to feel,

To be real and deal with pain that I can’t conceal.

I accepted this lie and had begun to see each strand of pain as invalid.

Each strand that disappeared from my hand, invalid.

I went to sleep every night with my mind so heavy I couldn’t manage.

Elephants standing tall in the wounds that ran off the cliff.

Scars that reach far and touch the deepest,

so sleepless when I see this.

    2. What Happened?

(This poem is said throughout the video in the background)

“what happened to your….”

“Why would you do that?”

“You should do this, I think it would make you look better”

“It’s just dirty, It’s unclean”

“Come on man..”

“Just cut it off!”

“It’s time to let go bro”

“You need a new line up!”


“Mommy, what happened to his hair….”



“Want me to do it for you?”

“Are you alright?”

“You good fam?”

“Your appearance is not good enough,

there’s levels that you do not meet,

the way you look is not appealing,

you damage the eyes of those who see,







“Ya ya love yourself, BUT hate how you look.”

“Freedom to be who you are, but who you are is not good enough”

“You are not visually up to standard”

“I will stare at you in disgust for more than twenty two seconds then look away,

after 5 more I’ll look again.”

“It does not really matter, you’re over thinking this”

“This is something light”

“Grow up”

“This is real life”

“Why do you care so much?”

“I think you should just move on”

“It does not matter at all, just grow up and stop overthinking and being emotional, Jamal”

3. Anxiety Attack

A sound heart.

A Quiet relaxed train ride.

A storm rolls in and things aren’t the same.

The moment when the train rides off the cliff into imaginary space,

No more tracks just the feeling of falling down,

Losing a sense of reality,

You grab on to your cell phone as hard as you can to feel real again,

You step outside and embrace the cold winter chill,

Because that freezing breeze is the only thing that makes you chill,

In that moment that’s the only thing you can feel,

To be cold, to feel alive again.

4. The last two minutes of the video was an unwritten freestyle.





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